Open Source Motivation (Why to go for it !!!)

People generally think that they are quiet comfortable with windows platform (though for most of them it is pirated copy still considering that also) for simple reasons that windows is user friendly and most of the softwares they require are available easily for windows (still pirated!!!). Let’s not argue what windows can or what it offers….. let get down to a layman level and resolve some concrete reasons as to why we must go for open source products….

First, the words “user friendly” and “software support” lost their meanings today… because today…. almost every piece of software or operating system is damm easy to use and documentation, user manuals and most importantly…. on line support makes them really fascinating.

So, in that sense there is nothing to argue with windows or macintosh ….. it may be an issue few years back… but with the open source revolution and companies like sun supporting it seamlessly …. now this issue of user friendliness have become a no man’s land for discussion…

Next, coming to the software support part. there was statement in our college that I came across and I like it by heart. It says “To every closed source so called software….. there is always a better one available as open source ! So, Microsoft is not the answer Microsoft is the question? and ‘no’ is the answer…”.Take any software in closed source paradigm …. add a open before it and search Google. Within first few hits we will get your answer. In fact , many companies even the world-class one … depend on open source softwares simply because they have used it and personally they have achieved their goals and of course they are pretty much satisfied with that.

This is just an illustration of how open source community over years…. developed softwares that have everything a closed source software have and even more …. we will discuss about them later…. and we will see there are things and situations in which opensource is just unbeatable…. unstoppable…. and unmatched..

This issues illustrates that the kind of things that we think are better in illusion are not in reality…. welcome to the world of OpenSource…. we are happy to help… everyone so that tomorrow you too can do the same thing to others….


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