My NETWORKING Seminar ….. @Sun CA & ACM

There is famous saying,

Human Knowledge belongs to the world

And I truly believe in this philosophy. My motivation is always towards a collaborative effort to make something really substantial, really revolutionary. This can be achieved only when we have a sound understanding of the principles and the freedom to experiment and experience the real stuffs inside out.

Open Source is all about these. Your freedom, your recognition, your contribution, your learning and so on … limitless possibilities.

I am a B.Tech final year Computer science student from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. This is one of the seminar that I have conducted in my college recently.

It’s seminar on Fundamentals of Computer Networking (In UNIX like OS). I started of my journey with the motivation behind the Digital world that we see around us today. Why so much digital , why not analog ?

The Woaw Moment

The Woaw Moment

Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers
A crowd of 150 (All listening)

A crowd of 150 (All listening)

Then the idea of Packet Switched networks and circuit switched networks, why both are important. Then a discussion about protocols , IP addressing , TCP , UDP and all.

It continued around 2 hrs and as the time keep on passing audience seemed to be more and more interested about all these stuffs.

Understanding the importance of Open Source

Understanding the importance of Open Source

Sooooo Interested

Sooooo Interested

In the end of the seminar the audience was really impressed about the ideas that drives the Computer World.

The feedback was amazing. Every one rated the seminar 4 or more out of 5. It was a very nice exprience of me as well to deliver the understanding I have to my juniors and batchmates.

Feedback: “Sir, the ideas were excellent. For the first time I got to understand these things really well. I would strongly suggest that you please continue such sort activities in the college”


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